Health Centered Medical takes a comprehensive approach to patient care, treating the underlying causes of symptoms and health problems, and empowering patients to live healthier lives. We are accepting new patients.

Our diverse medical team with providers of different disciplines work collaboratively to provide a unique level of health and wellness care for you, our patients, with non-surgical, non-prescription based care. We believe in holistic practices, responsible pain management.

We are dedicated to detecting and treating chronic pain and is one of the few medical institutions in the area that offers cutting-edge therapy.

Our clinics provide relief to patients suffering from knee pain, back pain, major joint pain, arthritis, migraines, sciatica, broad joint discomfort, and more. Because of their significant training in establishing the reason for unknown pain, the highly skilled providers are well-known in the area for assisting several chronic pain sufferers.

Even if they’ve had previous unsuccessful treatments, patients frequently find the support they need at our clinic, where our compassionate staff is dedicated to discovering pain relief and treatment choices for all of their patients, regardless of diagnosis.

Call our Greensburg & Seymour offices for more information or to request an appointment.